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Securing Equipment

Package Starting at a minimum of $2,000

Through founded relationships with our top clients, SB Productions has affordable access to all high quality filmmaking and audio equipment such as:

  • Cameras

  • Lenses

  • Camera Accessories

  • Camera Support

  • Audio

  • Lighting

  • Grip & Electric

  • Filters

  • Stages or Sound Stages

  • Specific Production Services​

We also include Los Angeles based or nationwide service, and other resources in order complete what we call a “fulfillment” to any client’s specific need within their project or production. However, we know that not all clients want or need concept planning, organization, or preparation of a project. So, if only specific equipment is needed ASAP, then we are your one stop shop!

Whether you’re a beginner who’s desperately needing to get any part of your vision or brand on film or even an expert who’s already in production and ready to rock-and-roll, our “Take Package” is tailored to fit any inquiry of equipment. This package includes the right of reasonably-priced rental access to supplying any vision, story, or project with the most impeccable filmmaking equipment/resources, bringing it all to life! Have more questions? Need to secure some equipment for specific use ASAP? Or maybe even a secured filming location or permit? Maybe even a quick but professional edit? Please inquire within for anything, and meet your specific needs!

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