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Package Starting at a minimum of $7k-$9k

This package is more than a combo of the previous two packages:

  • Securing of Equipment or Services

  • Organizing of Full Crew, Light, and Motion

  • Organizing of Full Cast, Talent, and Crowd/Background

  • Organizing Set Design and Sound Design

  • Scouting/Securing Locations

  • Securing ALL Permits/Releases

  • Strategic Objectives Defined, written, produced and implemented.

  • Collaborative Edit Service

  • Output


Preparation is necessary but not for every client, only depending on the client's need and discussions of what’s necessary within their booking. If a client does need major preparation, this package will always start with Mandatory Concept Planning and Securing, moving to Organizing Crew, Light, Motion, etc. and then starting Preparation, Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production. Please note that time is important, especially run-time, and that will always be considered when it comes to the pricing or rates for any package.

The then-quote of your booking from the start of concept planning must go from initial “TBD with a minimum stated price” to complete “fulfillment of booking” as a requirement. Lastly, a contract is stated and then mutually decided upon. At that time, the client may present proposals of their vision, specific needs, or their projected budget statements that fall within each package or category of this business.

This package however, includes way more than just securing equipment and putting something on film, a client would be interested in this package if they are into acquiring a producer or investor, really wanting their vision to come to life, and is financially able for us to do what it takes to make sure all aspects of production are provided, fulfilled, and completed within time and budget, or even for someone who’s just lacking the resources for any production experience. This package is very important! More questions? Please inquire within.

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