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Package Starting at a minimum of $4k-$6k

Now you’re really in the game. We call this the from start-to-finish package. This package includes all features of the “Take Package” along with the following:

  1. Securing of Equipment or Services (Take Package)

  2. Organizing of Crew, Light, and Motion

  3. Shooting

  4. Collaborative Edit Service

  5. Output


This provision of skilled organizing for filming is made to fit any media, especially if you are someone that wants only qualified professionals to organize and supervise videotape, film and new media productions.

Our purpose is to encourage, promote and produce the start-up and continuation of ANY filmed project or event, whether you have an upcoming wedding and want the whole experience to be on film, need to film your own comedy skits, want to do a music video to your new song, or just need a package like this for a short film/media pitch.  You have come to the right place for fulfillment!

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