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Strategic Video Strategy Initiative & Marketing Package

Package Starting at a minimum of $11k

This final and full-packaged plan includes full entertainment programming like no other. With coverage including: program development, production planning, project supervision, management, facilitation, marketing, public relations, product placement, financing, legal affairs and other elements (listed below) that support the success of a well-developed plan, The Strategic Video Strategy was not only made to fully demonstrate how our quality partnerships with others in the field of production and entertainment can help ensure the fulfillment of your project but also, implements an initiative launch of your project to partners with solid reputations in the film and video industry.  

This package is fully powered and includes all of the services from our first 3 packages and much more:

  • Securing Equipment & Services

  • Full Organization

  • Full Preparation

  • Producer, Script Writer, Voiceover, Additional Motion Graphics, Sound Recording & Music Track, Stock Imagery.

  • Full Pre/Post Production of Project

  • All Aspects of Technical Production & Principal Photography

  • Rendering & Collaborative Edit Service

  • Output

  • Procurement & Placement

  • Marketing

  • Crew/Cast/Talent/Background

  • Please Inquire for More Details


SB Productions always plans to produce entertaining, interesting, and/or informational projects on a variety of well-researched partnerships that are proven to be commercially viable within our network.

We aim to constantly keep ourselves well-positioned with the help of our progressive business relationships, highly-qualified management teams and resources, in order to take full advantage of the industry’s phenomenal and on-going growth. By representing all phases of production, we are in hopes that we are chosen to fulfill your project and align your success by providing all of our resources to cover your concept in a cost-efficient and timely manner. What we can do for you is solely dependent on your needs as a client but please note that BEYOND THESE PACKAGES ARE ALWAYS FULL DETAILS THAT ARE PROVIDED THROUGH CONSULTATION.

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